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The Ultimate Challenge Podcast


Welcome to The Ultimate Challenge Podcast where I your host, Anna Ashbarry, speak to the people who push themselves, mentally and physically, to the absolute max. I want to know more about the people who take on these life changing challenges, who inspires them and why they take their personal challenges to the extremes. 


About episode 1


In the first episode, we meet Andy Evans. Andy is 25 and is from Manchester, England. He has climbed to the peak of Kilimanjaro, he has solo climbed to Everest Base Camp and I ask him, what’s next? Andy doesn’t quite know yet but what he does know is that he loves hiking and being surrounded by nature.


Before his first mountain climbing challenge, Andy had only climbed a few peaks in Wales. He doesn’t consider himself a hiker or an expert, he actually sees himself as quite inexperienced, which made the adventure even more of a challenge. Before he departed for Kathmandu in Nepal, Andy did a lot of preparation in the UK.


Once Andy had arrived in Kathmandu, he collected the rest of the gear he needed, got a good nights rest and the next morning, he was on his way to the start point. Andy got a local bus from the busy and chaotic city into the stunning rolls of hills the country had to offer. He was asked by many locals who were also using the bus whether he was climbing Mount Everest, what route he planned to take and whether he was doing it alone.


Andy found the first seven days of his hike the most challenging. He faced monsoon rains, leeches, landslides and altitude sickness but it was all worth it when he got to base camp and saw the incredible view of Mount Everest. He spent an hour there, soaking up the scenery.


After Andy descended down from base camp which took him just two or three days, he flew back to Kathmandu from what is considered the most dangerous and highest airport in the world. Lukla sits in-between peaks of the Himalayan mountain range on a cliff edge. Flying out of this airport was nerve racking but the sights were breath taking and urged Andy to reflect on his experience.


Once he had returned to Kathmandu, Andy experienced a bit of culture shock. Going from hiking solo in the mountains to the hustle and bustle of the busy Kathmandu streets took some getting used to. Overall, he was glad to be returning to normality, even though he would miss the mountains. 


Andy kept a journal and documented his experience by recording lots of video footage. Those combined with this podcast allows him to always remember his life changing experience. We hope you enjoy listening to Andy sharing his stories.


About the makers of this podcast


Anna Ashbarry is a freelance content creator based in the UK. Anna recorded, edited and produced this podcast as her first personal project. 


Sound Credit: HookSounds

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